Tunde Obasan, your UCP candidate for Edmonton-South

I moved from Nigeria to Edmonton with my wife Suzan and our four children because we viewed Alberta and Canada as a place where hard work was respected and principled values appreciated. Suzan and I have our children enrolled at all levels of the education system, from daycare to post-secondary. However, we are concerned their educational needs are not being optimized through a balanced and rigorous curriculum.

I am a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA) and Project Management Professional (PMP) who has worked in both the private and public sector. My career experiences traverse the banking, information technology, distribution, insurance, educational and government sectors. 

As a Professional Accountant and Project Manager, I see how the NDP’s out of control spending and deficits are jeopardizing our children’s future by burdening them with unreasonable debt and servicing costs with money that would be better spent on our healthcare and education systems.

I am a lifelong community builder and volunteer at my local church (Rhema Chapel), Rhema Food Bank, Edmonton Mennonite Centre, ASSIST Community Services Centre, United Way of Edmonton, and my local community league.

As a strong believer in conservative values, I was an early supporter of the provincial conservative unity campaign and active on the Jason Kenney UCP leadership campaign. I was also a leading Edmonton organizer for Andrew Scheer’s federal leadership campaign and part of the group that was recognized for selling the largest number of memberships in Alberta.

I am disenchanted and fed up with how Albertans are being short-changed and I want to work with Jason Kenney and other experienced and responsible UCP team members to restore the Alberta Advantage and reverse the damage the NDP has done to Alberta’s economy, communities, and families.